New Customers

Catalyst Connection offers a variety of strategic services to help small and medium sized manufacturers improve their sales performance and grow their business through acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. Below are just a few of the key services we are able to provide.

Digital Marketing

Catalyst Connection is one of the only organizations that specializes in Digital and Internet Marketing Consulting specifically for small to medium sized manufacturers.  We have completed over 300 websites and search engine optimization projects over the past 15 years and we were among the first to offer video production and YouTube optimization for manufacturers.

Digital Marketing Tools for Success 

We work with individual clients or work with their web development team to provide a robust suite of Digital and Internet Marketing Consulting services, including:

  • Internet & Digital Marketing Assessments
  • Website In-Bound Link Audits
  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Internet Strategy Development
  • Website Development
  • Video Production & Optimization
  • Google Analytics Conversion and Monitoring
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Social Media Strategy Development and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization Training Courses
  • Video Marketing Training Courses

Improving Sales Performance

At Catalyst, we realize that sales is a team sport. It requires that sales people and channel partners work together, with support from marketing, to achieve the company’s growth goals. We work with companies to enable them to achieve their growth objectives – from assessing current performance, to hiring new staff and channel partners, to developing sales enablement tools and processes, to providing training and coaching.

Improving Sales Performance Tools for Success

  • Sales Assessment – This assessment helps size up the effectiveness of a company sales force on a number of factors in order to identify improvements that would provide the highest payoff in sales performance.
  • Channel Network Assessment – Evaluate the capabilities and degree of “fit” of the current manufacturer’s rep or distributor network.
  • Manufacturer’s Rep and Distributor Search – Identify potential reps and/or distributors that meet requirements and expertise.
  • Sales Playbook Development – Development of a Sales Playbook to shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, ramp up new salespeople and optimize overall sales performance.
  • Prospect Database Development – Research and identify potential target and prospect customers based on specific criteria, and develop and execute on an outreach strategy.

Achieving Customer Success 

Companies live or die based on how well they serve their customers. The best thrive and grow, and the others stagnate or die. And truth be told, if your customer service efforts are in tune with the current state of the market, they’re not working. In fact, they are most likely having a negative impact on your business. U.S. brands alone lose $41B every year due to poor customer service. Customer service is no longer about a department; it’s about your entire organization. It’s the experience customers have across every engagement with your business. This includes interactions with call centers, but it also includes website visits, in-person experiences, post-service calls, discussions with accounts receivables and interactions that occur while using your product or service.

Whether you need to overcome a specific customer service challenge, revamp your entire customer experience strategy or simply continue to improve what’s already working, we can help. Our service-ready engagement approach ensures the readiness of your team to change behavior for the long term, not just a few short weeks. It provides skills, methodology, and processes that ensure exceptional customer service interactions at every point along the customer journey, including learning the art of five key components:

  • Building Customer Loyalty 
  • Mastering Conversation Essentials
  • Strengthening Customer Connections
  • Navigating Challenging Situations
  • Exploring Digital Communications


Get Started

For more information on acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers, contact Connie Palucka, Vice President, Consulting.