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National Supplier Scouting Initiative

RE2 is located in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and specializes in agile defense robotics with an emphasis on intelligent modular manipulation for mobile robotic platforms.

RE2 expressed their need to find domestic suppliers of circuit boards to support their rapidly growing business. Due to this rapid growth and project-based nature of their work they needed suppliers who could quickly turnaround or deliver large orders of boards. The organization feared that growth would outpace their ability to secure these critical components.

Catalyst Connection in partnership with the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership (PAMEP) and the MEP National Network performed a search and produced a report delivering options for domestic manufacturing capabilities via MEP CARES funding.

Upon the completion of our National Supplier Scouting search, Catalyst Connection was able to provide RE2 with a list of 20 potential supplier candidates. Catalyst Connection and RE2 completed an initial vetting of the this list and determined that 3 or 4 of the candidates seemed to be the best fit to support RE2 both now and in the future. 

Catalyst Connection then reached out to the MEP Center who submitted these candidates to schedule 1-hour virtual Discovery Sessions which provided both RE2 and the potential supplier with a low pressure environment with the hopes of learning about each other in a collaborative manner. At the end of this process, we were able to secure to competitive quotes and RE2 awarded business to one of these suppliers.