Product – Case Studies

Upgrading Software Technology (BOSS Controls)
BOSS Controls LLC is a 2012 start-up company, located in Allegheny County, that designs and sells innovative WiFi product solutions (Smart Plugs) to a wide range of commercial enterprises, universities, school districts and government. Utilizing grant funds, BOSS Controls was able to upgrade their Atmospheres software technology to create a virtual ecosystem between controllers, sensors, web and mobile interfaces, cloud hosted data and controls logic. READ MORE

Reaching out to New Prospective Customers (Jennison Manufacturing Group) 
Jennison Manufacturing Group, in Allegheny County, is a premier tool and die shop that provides a complete range of manufacturing capabilities. Catalyst Connection and company management met to discuss their desire to build awareness of their new American Petroleum Institute (API) certification. Jennison wanted to build a quality database of prospects to use as a marketing tool to build this awareness. READ MORE

New Product Development (Alpine Packaging, Inc.)
Alpine Packaging, Inc. manufactures custom printed labels and printed poly bags for the food, beverage and dairy industries, as well as a variety of industrial sectors including tire manufacturing, mining and safety. With funding assistance through the Innovation Adoption Grant managed by Innovation Works, Catalyst Connection’s Connie Palucka provided New Product Development assistance to help Alpine develop labels that incorporate new technology to allow customers to more easily track products after they are shipped to retail locations. READ MORE

Launching a Product to Breathe Easier (Ingmar Medical, Ltd.)
IngMar Medical, Ltd. (IngMar) is the world leader in breathing simulation devices—a distinction built on a solid history of superior product performance, innovation and customer service. In 2010, IngMar wanted to revolutionize the way mechanical ventilation was taught. IngMar envisioned a system that would provide the therapist with immersive feedback, a system that would simulate the interactions between a patient and a ventilator just as they occur in reality. They asked Catalyst Connection to assist in the development and execution of a product development roadmap. READ MORE

Implementing an Export Compliance Program (CP Industries)
CP Industries is a manufacturer of steel and composite seamless pressure vessels located in Allegheny County. CP Industries wanted to grow its business in both the defense and commercial sectors. One of the requirements to accomplish this, particularly in the defense sector, was the implementation of a formal Export Compliance Program that met the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as well as the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Catalyst Connection helped CP Industries develop and implement an Export Compliance Program via a three-phased approach based on best practices. READ MORE