Process – Case Studies:

ISO 9001 Opens Doors for New Clients (AMS Electronics, Inc.)
AMS Electronics, Inc. (AMS) is located in Butler and manufactures electronic assemblies, cables and wire harnesses. AMS saw a growing benefit for their facility to be ISO 9001 certified, not only from current clients but from potential new customers.  READ MORE

Lean Techniques for New Facility (Quality Mould, Inc.)
Quality Mould, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of products out of traditional and modern materials in Westmoreland County. They were seeking to expand into new customer markets which would require larger manufacturing facilities and additional machinery and equipment to accommodate this goal. READ MORE

Lean Operations for Increased Order Volume (Acuity Finishing, Inc.)
Acuity Finishing Inc. (formerly Plastikoil of Pennsylvania), located in Cranberry Township, Butler County, is a full service bindery offering a variety of binding solutions, custom finishing, specialty packaging and fulfillment services. Recently, Acuity set a five-year goal to double sales. To achieve this objective, they need to cut lead times, give faster quotes on potential jobs and handle more volume. READ MORE

Improving Quality Management Systems: Creating Sustainable Programs (All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC)
All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC (All-Clad) is located in Canonsburg, Washington County and currently has approximately 200 employees. All-Clad manufactures professional-quality bonded cookware for working chefs, gourmet home cooks and everyday foodies. All-Clad’s revolutionary bonded cookware offers extraordinary quality, striking aesthetics and exemplary cooking performance. All-Clad management was experiencing difficulty with improving their current quality management system and developing a plan to create a sustainable program. READ MORE

Creating a ‘New’ Organization to Reach Target Conditions (IGS Industries)
IGS Industries is a custom part and sealant manufacturer that offers stock and custom metal work parts, non-metallic parts, brand-name and custom sealants, gaskets, shims, and auxiliary products. IGS industries has been in business since 1961 and employs approximately 120 people. The company was operating their processes dependent upon outdated standards and practices, with no visibility to daily outcomes or productivity. READ MORE

Process Mapping (Mitsubishi Electric Power Products)
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products (MEPPI) is a manufacturer that serves the North American power systems and rail transportation industries. Their products include gas circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, power transformers, gas insulated substations, power electronics and electricity transmission technologies, generator services, nuclear power plant control systems, uninterruptible power supplies, and rail transportation equipment. The Electrical Distribution Division was interested in advancing the way they manufactured their products. READ MORE

Navigating the Complexities of Additive Manufacturing (Product Evaluation Systems)
Product Evaluation Systems provides mechanical, metallurgical and chemical testing services to companies in the United States and Europe. With the rise in industrial additive manufacturing (AM) applications, PES saw a growing need for AM testing and characterization services.  READ MORE

ERP Software Selection & Implementation (MECCO Marking and Traceability)
MECCO Marking and Traceability is located in Cranberry Township, Butler County. MECCO is a leader in direct part marking, laser marking, laser engraving and dot peen machines for traceability and part verification. Their innovative solutions enable clients to permanently mark and trace just about any part especially ones that must withstand the harshest environments and processes. READ MORE

Reshoring through Automation (Richardson Cooling Packages)
Richardson Cooling Packages (RCP) designs, manufactures and supports an industry leading line of cooling system parts and assemblies for use in off-highway applications. Products include radiators, charge-air coolers, oil coolers, coolant hoses, charge-air pipes, engine and radiator mounting brackets and equipment enclosures. READ MORE