Manufacturing Case Studies

Services with Proven Success

Manufacturing companies continue working with us because our only focus is creating positive results. Over the past three decades, we’ve helped thousands of manufacturers across our 12-county region significantly reduce their costs while improving profitability and increasing revenue.

Both our state and federal stakeholders provide our funding based on the positive impacts our work generates with our clients. These impacts are based on established metrics, which include cost reduction, sales increase, investments made, and job creation and retention.

Clients benefit not only from our consulting and training services, but also from our financial programs and the assistance we provide to fund projects through various grant resources including the Pennsylvania Broadband Grant, ARC Power Mini-Grant program, Pittsburgh Manufacturing Assistance Program, the Innovation Adoption Grant Fund and others.

In addition to the input we get from the NIST survey results, we continually talk with clients about how our work is impacting their company, their employees and their results. We are grateful that they are willing to share the details of their projects with the public so other manufacturers can increase their understanding of the types of results we are able to produce by working with their employees.

To find out how manufacturers like yourself gain real marketplace advantages by working with us, take a look at our latest case studies from our services areas focused on improving manufacturers through their People, Products and Processes.