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Launching a New Revenue Source

All Water Sysems, Inc.

All Water Systems, Inc. is located in Allegheny County, where they specialize in complete water treatment systems for industrial and commercial applications. Catalyst Connection was hired to provide new product development assistance to All Water Systems.

Connie Palucka, Managing Director, and her Business Growth Services team helped All Water Systems successfully launch their 8" Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning and Test System. This system has opened doors to facilities that they have never worked with All Water before. This is leading to business for the company's other service offerings. Bob Hoolahan, All Water Systems CEO, attended Catalyst Connection's new Essentials of Innovation Management training to bring principles of product development to the All Water team as they continue to commercialize new ideas.

"In a word, Catalyst Connection is "Fantabulous". In many words: Energy & Innovation Conference, Entering the Marcellus ShaleSupply Chain, Web Optimization, YouTube Videos, working with Innovation Works, the Innovation Management training series. There’s so much more – just ask me."

Bob Hoolahan
CEO, All Water Systems