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Finding a Better Energy Rate

TIGG Corporation

TIGG Corporation, in Oakdale, PA, fabricates steel tanks and pressure vessels, as well as treatment systems and equipment for purifying air and water in industrial and environmental markets.

Their activated carbon adsorption systems are effective for removing trace contaminants from both air and water. In addition to sales of this equipment, TIGG offers rental service to customers who need the equipment for a shorter period of time. Georgiana Riley, President of TIGG Corporation, was looking for ways to keep expenses low and remain competitive. Catalyst Connection set up a meeting with Erich Landis of NorthEast Energy Advisors to review electricity and natural gas rates that TIGG was paying. Erich was able to provide options with an aggregate energy solution that saves TIGG approximately 18% from their previous electric rate and 31% from their previous gas rate.

"We appreciate opportunities to cut costs especially when the process was so easy to do. NorthEast Energy Advisors and Catalyst Connection were great partners for TIGG Corporation."

Georgiana Riley
TIGG Corporation

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