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Essentials of Innovation Management

Put your company on the path to growth

Product Development Training prepares you to help your company set the stage for sustainable growth.  It's a myth that innovation is only for large companies with deep pockets, or that innovation only comes from creative geniuses like Steve Jobs. In reality, companies of every size, with or without a resident genius, can build a culture of innovation and achieve sustainable growth. Product Development Training is designed to help manufacturing leaders lead, foster and manage innovation to drive value creation in their companies. Our Program is built around 40 essential questions and includes four days of classroom instruction, each covering a critical component of product development.  In each class, you'll learn critical success factors, the roles and responsibilities of the Product Champion and Project Leader, how to's and easy-to-use tools, as well as the role of open innovation to help you make smarter decisions that increase your commercial success rates.

You will learn proven strategies to drive innovation in your company. Also, you will find that best practice innovation programs are based on a disciplined process that is replicable. 

Product Development Training attendees will learn 40 critical questions to help you implement a best practice product development program and increase the level of innovation in your products and services.  Click here for 40 questions pdf.

This Product Development Training includes four days of classroom instruction, each covering one phase of product development:

  • Class 1 – Plan for Product Development Success
  • Class 2 – Select the Best Ideas
  • Class 3 – Design, Prototype and Test, Quickly and Effectively
  • Class 4 – Commercialize with Strategic Sales and Marketing Best Practices

During Product Development Training, participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Innovation best practices and tools to set the stage for sustainable growth
  • Tips for engaging others in building a culture of innovation more quickly
  • Tools and tips for portfolio management, idea selection and prioritization, design and development, and commercialization
  • How to use open innovation to fill technology gaps, identify and select the best ideas, accelerate product design & development, and support commercialization activities


  • Increase growth and profitability
  • Enter new markets faster
  • Improve new product decision making
  • Increase success rates in new product development

Who Should Attend

Innovation Professionals

If you cannot attend all 4 sessions and would like to attend an individual session, please contact cconnelly@catalystconnection.org

Please note:


Cost includes lunch and all course materials.

Contact us to discuss group rates or fees for onsite training at your business.