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Payment Processing

Getting paid is important but securing valuable customer information from being breached and stolen is even more important...

Catalyst Connection has partnered with CardConnect, an innovative payments technology company, to offer manufacturers the solutions that enable companies to safely process and transmit sensitive payment data. Criminals are increasingly sophisticated in carrying out network intrusions, wiretapping attacks, and device tampering schemes. CardConnect protects the security of electronic payments for companies including GE, Adobe and the New York Times and makes accepting payments as simple, easy and as safe as possible.

  • CardConnect ensures that the business network or system does not store, process, or transmit sensitive cardholder data, personal identifiable information, including client banking information and, therefore,  all cardholder information is protected (not vulnerable to a breach/compromise).
  • With CardConnect's patented tokenization, the encrypted card number is stored off-site in CardConnect's hosted vault while an irreversible token is saved on a merchant system. This ensures that sensitive data is unable to be compromised.

  • CardSecure® is an easy-to-integrate security solution that tokenizes all types of cardholder and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) at the point of entry. All tokens are randomly generated, making them impossible to decrypt. 

Personal Identifiable Information

  • Our interchange optimization solution enables businesses to secure the lowest possible rates available from Visa and MasterCard by sending the necessary data elements with each transaction.

  • By sending Level II and Level III data (customer code, item description, tax ID, etc.) with a transaction, CardConnect significantly lowers interchange and improves security.


CardConnect also provides:

  • Automatic Bank Reconcilitaion
  • Recurring Billing
  • Gateway API integration for all ERP/CRM Solutions
  • Oracle and SAP Validated
  • Real-time Transaction Level Reporting


CardConnect is committed to protecting the sensitive data of your customers while making certain that you pay the lowest amount possible with robust solutions at your fingertips.

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