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Manufacturer Presentation

The Explore The New Manufacturing program: Manufacturer Presentation was created to increase awareness of careers in the manufacturing industry available to southwestern PA’s emerging workforce. Manufacturing leaders speak directly with students and provide exploration resources about career opportunities in all aspects of the industrial sector. Catalyst Connection has gathered the information and created the tools to make it easy for manufacturers to present a consistent message. Young people will learn about the wide range of careers that exist in the manufacturing industry, and the various levels of education, skills certification, experience, and the job outlook - the estimated number of potential job openings for a particular career.

Key Manufacturing Statistics

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania manufacturing remains strong with more than 100,000 workers.
  • The average manufacturing salary in southwestern Pennsylvania is $59,683 which is 20% higher than the regional average.
  • More than half of the high demand manufacturing jobs do not require a 4-year degree but do require advanced training.
  • The manufacturing sector is more productive than any industry sector and still the largest contributor to the state’s GDP.