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Improving Sales Performance

"To me, job titles don't matter. Everyone is in sales. It's the only way we stay in business" - Harvey Mackay

Best practice companies that have successfully built high performing sales teams excel at: 1) hiring the right people, 2) observing, evaluating and managing their reps and channel partners, 3) providing continual product, competition and buyer training, 4) developing sales enablement tools that are aligned with the buying cycle, and 5) being vigilant to avoid disconnections and inconsistencies that can crop up over time.

The Catalyst Connection Difference

At Catalyst, we realize that sales is a team sport. It requires that sales people and channel partners work together, with support from marketing, to achieve the company's growth goals. However, building a high performing sales team requires more than just pricing guides and sales funnel management. It requires a deep understanding of the people and processes, as well as the internal and external environment, to develop an effective program that is both strategic and tactical. It requires looking at the bigger picture to achieve significant growth and improvement in sales performance.

We work with companies to enable them to achieve their growth objectives – from assessing current performance, to hiring new staff and channel partners, to developing sales enablement tools and processes, to providing training and coaching.

Tools for Success

Sales Assessment – this assessment helps size up the effectiveness of a cmpany sales force on a number of factors in order to identify improvements that would provide the highest payoff in sales performance. Following the assessment, a detailed report will be provided that discusses the sales team's strengths and weaknesses and identifies specific initiatives and tactics to improve sales performance.

Channel Network Assessment – evaluate the capabilities and degree of "fit" of the current manufacturer's rep or distributor network. A detailed final report outlines the ideal sales channel model based on prospects and target customers, as well as recommendations to improve the performance of independent channel partners.

Manufacturer's Rep and Distributor Search – identify potential reps and/or distributors that meet requirements and expertise. Phone interviews are conducted to screen candidates. For those candidates with the best fit against defined requirements, Catalyst will conduct a reference check by interviewing two to three of the candidates' principals.

Sales Playbook Development – development of a Sales Playbook to shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, ramp up new salespeople and optimize overall sales performance.

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