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Grants and other Cost Saving Programs

Continuous improvement initiatives may not take any additional money from your company's finances.

Catalyst Connection has identified several programs that can reduce other business expenses or provide funds that can be used to cover the costs of continuous improvement.

  • Grant Programs - There are grants available based on a company's location, industry, or type of improvement initiative.
  • Payment Processing – Getting paid is the most important part of any business and is why you are in business. It should be as simple, affordable and secure as possible.
  • Electric Power Procurement Program – Save on electrical costs by purchasing through aggregate electricity pricing or through directly negotiated electricity pricing, if your facility is large enough to generate savings as a stand-alone business.
  • Freight Management – Select among transportation contractors based on service and price.
  • R&D Tax Credits – Many of the day-to-day activities that can be classified as an at-risk innovation investment could be eligible for this Tax Credit.
  • IC-DISC - Discover a powerful tax savings opportunity available to qualifying U.S. exporters, the Interest Charge - Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) provides a permanent federal income tax savings of about 16%.