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Frontline Supervisor Training - Washington, PA


Frontline Supervisor training participants will gain the knowledge required to:

  • Reduce stress associated with the shift to leading others

  • Act with authenticity to build trust

  • Impact business outcomes by leading effectively

  • Effectively resolve workplace conflict and enhance productivity, efficiency and morale

  • Build the team's capabilities and capacity through developmental delegations

  • Encourage people to take ownership of, and be accountable for, their work performance

  • Make the best use of available resources

Course Outline:

In this course, participants focus on one topic in each of the six sessions that occur one day a week for six continuous weeks.

Session 1: Your Leadership Journey

This course arms a new or prospective leader with the knowledge and skills they need to confront the challenges they face early in their leader career.  The course encourages the learner to think about the transitions that newer leaders face and how to handle those challenges. They are introduced to three leadership differentiators that are most important to building a positive reputation as well as contributing to the organization’s success.

Session 2: Communicating for Leadership Success-Industrial

This foundation course for most Interaction Management® courses helps leaders communicate effectively so they can spark action in others. The course teaches leaders the interaction essentials they need to handle the variety of challenges and opportunities they encounter every day in the workplace and beyond.

Session 3: Coaching for Peak Performance-Industrial

By helping learners understand the importance of three coaching techniques and how to effectively handle both proactive and reactive coaching discussions, this course helps leaders have more effective and efficient interactions.

Session 4: Resolving Workplace Conflict-Industrial

This course teaches leaders how to recognize the signs of escalating conflict and take appropriate action to minimize damage.  Leaders are introduced to two resolution tactics—coach and mediate—and practice using the Interaction Essentials as they coach then mediate to resolve a conflict.

Session 5: Delegating with Purpose

In this course, leaders learn the skills they need to address these challenges, gain the commitment of team members, develop individual skills and abilities, and enhance the overall capability and capacity of their teams and, ultimately, the organization. Leaders learn to identify the tasks they need to delegate, select the most appropriate individuals, assess capabilities and commitment, and plan the delegation discussion.  That discussion includes the level of decision-making authority, amount of support, and methods for monitoring progress and measuring results.


Session 6: Driving Change for Influencing Others

This course shows leaders and individual contributors how to package their ideas in a way that will win over even the most skeptical individuals. Participants learn strategies for effectively capturing people’s attention, transforming their perspectives, and gaining their commitment to taking action. Provides the skills and resources learners need to accelerate the process of implementing change with their team members and to create an agile work environment where people are more open to change.

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Fee includes training materials and lunch each session.

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