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Explore the New Manufacturing

The skilled worker shortage can be improved through employer engagement with their communities.

There are numerous programs that manufacturers can engage with students to offer a real experience in the world of manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing Day -  national movement where manufacturers provide tours to young people in early October each year.
  • Manufacturer Presentation – present information about today's manufacturing to a group of students using the Explore The New Manufacturing toolkit
  • Manufacturing Innovation Challenge – provide a real-world research project for classes of middle and high school students, who will tackle the work in the classroom to develop a solution, and then present their results
  • What's So Cool About Manufacturing Video Contest - addressing the need of skilled workers by having local middle-school students develop an awareness program for the manufacturing community, creating an accurate image of manufacturing to their peers, parents, and teachers
  • Manufacturing Internship with Innovation Works - assist your manufacturing company by finding qualified summer internship candidates to supplement your existing workforce and build a pipeline of talent to fulfill future hiring needs
  • BotsIQ – engage with local high school students in an educational robotics competition that provides a unique, hands-on experience that allows them to discover the career possibilities in the manufacturing sector
  • Plant Tour – show students what manufacturing is like today with a group tour
  • Apprenticeships – develop skilled workers through an apprenticeship program
  • Project-Based Learning Training - educate teachers about the best ways to facilitate project-based learning activities

Catalyst Connection has launched the Explore the New Manufacturing program with funding provided from Arconic Foundation, Benedum Foundation and Chevron.

Benedum Foundation



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